Groom Fashion 2011. Blast from the Past!

Bridal Fashion is important but don’t forget about the Groom! When everyone is looking at you, you are going to be looking at him!

This year, vintage is in and men want to look their best. In the media right now, you see celebrities dressing much nicer, even when they aren’t on the red carpet. Because of popular shows like “Mad Men”, the vintage mobster look is what they strive for.

How to accomplish this look is done by;

– Sleek hair back with a side part. Some may say it’s dorky, but personally I think it’s sexy!

– Wearing a simple black suit, or even a dark blue suit. This is very formal and will add class to the evening.

– Adding a white shirt with a skinny black tie, or a solid colour from your colour scheme.

– Choosing to wear a bow tie. They are vintage and can be classy if chosen in a neutral colour.



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