What does you favourite flower mean?

There are hundreds of beautiful flowers to pick from for your wedding. Most people would just pick the prettiest one or the flower that goes best with their decor and be done with it. But you should keep in mind the meaning of each flower. Every flower has its own meaning. Even the same flower but in a different colour has a different meaning. Here is a list of popular wedding flowers and their meaning….

Apple Blossom – Perfection

Arum Lily – Ardour

Azalea – True to the end

Bluebell – Lasting Love

Camellia – Perfect Loveliness

Carnation (Red) – Admiration

Carnation (White) – Sweet and Lovely

Daffodil – Joy

Daisy – Innocence

Forget-me-not – True Love

Freesia – Sweetness

Gardenia – Purity and Joy

Gerbera – Cheerfulness

Honeysuckle – Bonds of Love

Iris – Hope and Wisdom

Jasmine – Sensuality

Lemon Blossom – Fidelity

Lily of the Valley – Happiness

Mimosa – Sensitivity

Orchid – Beauty

Rose (Pink) – Happiness

Rose (Red) – I love you

Rose (White) – Purity

Snowdrop – Hope

Stephanotis – Marital Happiness

Sunflower – Adoration

Sweet Pea – Lasting Pleasure

Tulip (Red) – Love

Tulip (Yellow) – Sunshine of my Life

Violet – Faithfulness


All this information is from a great book called “Wedding Style” written by Carole Hamilton



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