Cake Time!

I want to make my own Wedding cake. The only thing is, I am TERRIBLE at decorating them! I adore baking but I get so frustrated when I have to decorate my delicious creations. (Cupcakes are the worst! They are my mortal enemy!)

DSC_BL+2+esh7734 (2)

I am definitely having a red velvet cake! It is my favourite flavour of cake and it just looks so romantic with the bright red colour and the crisp white icing. If you aren’t sure what a red velvet cake is, it is a chocolate cake with a buttermilk influence. It is super moist and soft as velvet (hence the name). It is usually topped with cream cheese icing, which is delicious!


If you are wondering why Fruit Cake is in there, it’s because it is a traditional English Wedding cake. My parents had a fruit cake as their Wedding cake when they got married in 1986. My Mother is Irish and my Father has many English relatives so it seemed like a good fit! All I can say is that I am glad I wasn’t one of the poor children with cake-consumed-thoughts that were at that Wedding!

Here is my favourite recipe for Red Velvet!


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