The Luck of the Irish!

First off, Happy St. Patricks Day! I happen to have some Irish blood in me so this day is always big in my house! Today I wore a GIANT Leprechaun hat at work! I kinda forgot I was wearing it and got confused when people gave me weird looks. They all thought I was a wack job!

In the festive mood, I got inspired to write a post about traditional Irish weddings or ideas for St. Patty’s and Irish themed weddings!

Colours: I think this is obvious… GREEN! Lots and lots of green! I think the best would be emerald green and off white or ivory. If you have every been to Ireland you would know that it is full of history and beautiful old architecture. I think the emerald green and ivory would totally work for that!

Venue: Any old venue is perfect. An old church or even a castle would be gorgeous! Decorate it will lots of greenery and wildflowers. A great idea is having a May Day Pole. This is a pole that you drape ribbons from the top and you get the children to dance in a circle while wrapping the ribbons around it. Use different shades of green ribbon with an accent of white and you could even add a bit of gold!

Favours: Give your guests some luck of the Irish with a framed four leaf clover with a special message from the happy couple! Another great idea is to get small flower pots and fill them with golden wrapped candies. Their very own pot of gold !

Tradition: I don’t know if you would call this a tradition, but I have never been to an Irish wedding where every single lady is not wearing a big and wild hat! They love their hats!! Encourage your lady guests to wear big hats with ribbons, feathers and whatever else they can think of. Just make sure they don’t look tacky, you are looking for elegance!


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