It’s going to be a LONG day!

I CANNOT WAIT for April 29th! The whole day will be broadcasted for the whole world to see! It all starts at 4 am and I am planning on being glued to my TV the whole day!

If you do not know what I am talking about, then get out of your house under a rock! I am talking about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding!!!! This is going to be the biggest Royal Wedding since Charles and Diana!

William and Kate have decided to have their Wedding held at Westminster Abbey which is the traditional place for Royal Wedding ceremonies. The last royal Wedding that was held there, was Queen Elizabeth and Phillips, which is one of the longest lasting Royal Marriages. A much better blueprint to follow then Charles and Diana’s, who’s was held at St. Paul’s Cathedral because of the enormous amount of guests.

What everyone is icing to know is what Kate’s dress will look like! She is a very fashion forward bride so you can bet there will be some hint of modern flare but not too much because after all, she is joining the royal family!



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