Royal Wedding CRAZY!!!!!

Okay so the Big Day is TOMORROW!! And I am flippin excited! I cannot wait to see what Westminster Abbey looks like, how many people show up, how Wils has incorporated his beloved mother Princess Diana in the royal nuptials, Kate’s hair, make up, which Royal jewels she picks and most importantly HER DRESSSSSSS!! AHHHHH :)

She is a very stylish girl but in a more subtle way. Everything she wears is from small stores like Top Shop, which isn’t typical for the girl who is about to go from a commoner to a princess! I have no clue what her dress will look like but what I do know, is that whatever it looks like, every wedding dress designer will be scrambling to create a look alike the second she steps out of the carriage!

My favourite thing about all of this, is that they are clearly so in love. This is something you couldn’t say about Charles and Diana back when they were getting married. For one there was a giant age difference and Prince Charles is just ugly!

William is going to make a great husband! He was so close to his Mother and he saw what she had to go through with the paparazzi and with her marriage to his father. He wants the complete opposite for his future Wife, Kate. I cannot wait to see his face when Kate is coming down the aisle. I AM GOING TO CRY !

Come back and check out a video of me talking about all my thoughts and comments about this Wedding of the Century !!!!


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