It Can Only Get Better…

First day of work yesterday at David’s Bridal.

NOTE TO SELF: Never wear heals to work where your job consists of walking around the whole store carrying dresses that weight the same as a large child.

Other then the pain in my feet, my day was pretty good. First days are always no good no matter where it is. I am only hoping it will get better from here.

But I saw SO MANY BEAUTIFUL GOWNS!!!! Most of which were by designers Vera Wang and my favourite Oleg Cassini :) Most of Vera Wang’s dresses from the White Collection were Ball Gowns with big shirts and lots of flower designs. Something that I do think is very pretty but just not something I want to wear on my Big Day. What I like about Oleg Cassini’s gowns is that most of them are covered with LACE! I just love lace :) AND THIS GOWN! I would definitely get it in Ivory. Only because I just don’t like the intense hue of white most dresses come in.

FYI for ladies who LOVE this dress as much as I do, the Style # is CRL277 :) Just trying to be helpful !!!


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