I Don’t Deserve This!

Hey everybody! It has seriously been too long! I haven’t posted anything in months and yet you guys are still supporting me!

There is this new feature on my dashboard (well, it has probably been there for a while and I just haven’t logged on since Christmas) that lets me see where people are coming from that check me out. And it’s WORLDWIDE! I’ve got people from India, Ukraine, Philippines, Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Panama, Costa Rica, Norway, Bangladesh, Australia, the UK and so much more!

This is completely overwhelming! I know that for most of these cases only one person from certain countries have hit me up but I don’t care, that is super cool! Like, they don’t even speak english! I must be doing something right!

I am so grateful for all of you! Please keep following my blog! New posts to come !



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