All the Single Ladies!

Everyone knows about the bouquet toss. Especially those single ladies! When the emcee announces it’s that time in the reception, it’s a race to the dance floor! Once the flowers are tossed, it turns into a brawl for the coveted price of being the next to get married.

Back in the fourteenth century, everybody wanted to get their hands on anything that the Bride would wear because it was considered lucky and it would bring whoever had it good fortune. Guests would try to snatch the bouquet from the bride’s hands, and so came the bouquet toss. Brides would toss it into the crowd to avoid them from grabbing it out of her hands! At one point in time, Brides would throw their shoes over their shoulders instead of the bouquet. You would have to make sure that all the single ladies were paying attention for this one!

When deciding if to go through with the bouquet toss think about who is attending your reception that is single. If there is plenty of young single ladies, do it to it! But if the single ladies at your reception are minimal, it could be a bit embarrassing for them.

Ask your florist to make you a separate bouquet for tossing. Many will give this as a gift because they are smaller and less intricate and therefore, not very expensive. You don’t want to toss your beautifully arranged bridal bouquet into the crowd, most brides keep it as a keep sake.

Pictures via: Flower Arrangement Advisor & Wink Photography


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