The Sheelin

So I got back a few weeks ago from a great (but rainy) trip to Ireland. I went with my mother for a two week stay, full of her family and the royal family. That’s right, I saw the Queen! She and Prince Phillip were in Northern Ireland and she was adorable! She had on a beautiful wedge-wood blue coat with a matching hat and it just popped!

But that isn’t what I wanted to share with you! We went to this little antique lace shop and museum in Bellanaleck, Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh called The Sheelin. It was AMAZING! Everything in the store was antique Irish lace that the owner has been collecting for years. It was all gorgeous and I wish I was getting married so that I could get something to incorporate in my big day!

The museum in the back was gorgeous! There were all lace dresses, parasols, veils and even a shawl that was in the family of Lady Diana. If you are ever in Northern Ireland (which I would highly recommend doing) check this place out!


Beautiful Bride

Right now I am on this huge health kick so, I have been watching what I eat and have been working out about twice a week. I have two tools that have been helping me and I wanted to let you in on my little secret!

There is this great app called “myfitnesspal” that I got for my iPad. You make a profile where you set your goal weight and decide how many times you are going to exercise each week. It then calculates how many carbs, calories, fat, protein, sugar and sodium you can intake each day in order to reach your goal. You can maintain a food log that will let you know if you went over on your daily limit of each nutrients consumed. If you can’t find the   type of food through the search engine, you can actually scan the bar code with the camera! So cool! I have found this very helpful to track what I eat and so far I have lost 5 pounds! Wooh wooh wooh! (One Direction reference)

I got this great little book from my local Winners called “How to be a Beautiful Bride” by Jacqui Ripley (And it was a steal cause I got it for $3!). It has a chapter all about fitness and good exercises that help you loose that extra bit of weight before the wedding day. I have found these exercises quite helpful and I think any “bulging bride” could benefit from them. Some of the tips highlighted in the book are; taking the stairs whenever you can for an all around butt and leg shaper, put on your favourite song and dance, walk in heels to train your legs to produce muscle and much more!

My Top 3 Wedding Fashion Apps.

So Santa was REAL good to me this year! He got me and iPad :) And I have been searching and testing SO many fashion and wedding apps. And so, I have come up with a list of my Top 3 Apps.

1. The Cut

So this isn’t technically a wedding app but it is an AMAZING fashion app. You can choose the designer, the season and the year. There are different categories and Bridal is one of them. There is some beautiful high couture wedding gowns by designers like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Priscilla of Boston and more! SO GOOD, you should totally download it :)

2. Rosa Clarà

If you haven’t heard about or seen Rosa Clarà’s Wedding gowns, then you have SERIOUSLY missed out! They are drop dead gorgeous! What I love the most about this App is that you can see all the different angles of the dress, which is surprisingly something not many other Apps have.

3. BRIDES 2.0

This App is pretty sweet. You can look through hundreds of gowns and Bridesmaids dresses, in every imaginable style. When you see one your like (or most likely 10), you can favourite them and there is a map that will show you where the dress is sold. This saves you so many phone calls to Bridal Salons! It even has a jewelry gallery and honeymoon destinations.