Fancy Fingers

So I was painting my nails the other day and when I went to work, I realized that my nail colour was the exact same as one our bridesmaids colours. It is  super in right now and the colour of the season, Coral. I used Revlon’s nail enamel called “Perfectly Pink” and it looks just like David’s Bridal’s Coral Reef.

I think that it is a great idea for the Bride to paint her nails the same colour as her Bridesmaids dresses. This wouldn’t work for every wedding, it would depend on the style of the day. If it is a more formal wedding, the Bride might want to go with a classic french manicure. But for a fanciful themed wedding, this would definitly work!

I will keep my eye out for other colour matches! Keep posted :)


Take a Video, it will last longer !

With all these new HD camera’s, comes people who know how to use them! Videography is huge right now! Especially with websites like YouTube and Vimeo, people are making video’s of everything! Everyone takes photo’s on their wedding day but set yourself apart and join the club of modern weddings and hire a Videographer! Pictures can only capture a single moment, a fragment of the day. A video captures the whole day, whole emotions and adds the music of your choice to it!

This isn’t your typical home video of your parent’s wedding, this is like a full fledge short film of all the best moments of your special day! Most video’s will have the Bride, Bridesmaid’s, Groom and Groomsmen getting ready, documenting the first time the Bride and Groom see each other and the high moments of the party afterward the ceremony.

Check out this Wedding Video! If you want to see more just check out YouTube or Vimeo.