The Wedding Bell

When a Bride finds her perfect dress at David’s Bridal, we get her to participate in the “Ringing of the Bell” ceremony. She closes her eyes, makes a wish and rings the bell. Kinda cheesy, I know, but a lot of Brides love it!

Church bells would ring to let everybody know that a special event, like a wedding, had taken place. They were said to ward off evil spirits that would try to ruin the newlyweds happiness. From ringing the bells, it was said to bring good luck and fortune to the newly married couple.

Now, the bell is still a popular marriage symbol and is rung to celebrate the couple’s new life together.

Here are some ways to integrate bells into your big day; putting a bell graphic on your invitations or programs, hanging them at the ends of the pews for the ceremony, adding them to your reception centerpieces or hand them out to your guests to ring as you leave the reception onto the honeymoon.


Centerpieces, less is more?

I have always loved tall centerpieces. They add such height and visual interest to a table. The only problem with them, is that they take up so much space, money and the people at the table won’t be able to see the person across from them. If you are a budget conscious Bride, use the “Less is More” concept. Sometimes something so simple can be so elegant.

When my friend got married last summer, she had a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding (Poor Groom, being called a Beast on his own Wedding day)! Their centerpieces were bang on! It was just like out of the movie with the rose in the glass domed case. Each table had a single rose in a glass case for the centerpiece. Her venue was so extravagant that a simple centerpiece like that was perfect! Seeing this display of creativity was my favourite part of the day. Well, except for the joy on the newlyweds faces!

Planning a Spring Wedding?

Spring is a time for new things and sunshine! Perfect for a wedding! Here are some typical colours, flowers and decor that go well with a Spring time Wedding….

At the beginning of Spring is when all flowers start to bloom, so the decision on which flowers to have at your wedding is a tough one! But having lots of flowers is a must for a Spring time wedding. Fill the room with the scent of spring time flowers with big bouquets at the ceremony and beautiful centerpieces at the reception. Spring flowers include; amaryllis, anemone, daffodil, freesia, gerbera, lily of the valley, orchid, ranunculus, stephanotis and sweet pea.

The colour combinations that go well with a spring wedding are; pastel pink and white, lemon yellow and white and lilac and white. Basically any pastel or light colour is good. Fresh and warm colours to complement the season!

Here is a great idea for a spring wedding, instead of having a traditional centerpiece of flowers in a vase, put fun and fresh flowers in a wicker or wooden basket! Another good idea is to get a tall vase and put fresh fruit in it! Slice up lemons, oranges or limes to add decoration to your centerpieces.  Then add some flowers like tulips or gerbera’s to add even more height.


Photo via: Grand Elegance Events