My Top 3 Wedding Fashion Apps.

So Santa was REAL good to me this year! He got me and iPad :) And I have been searching and testing SO many fashion and wedding apps. And so, I have come up with a list of my Top 3 Apps.

1. The Cut

So this isn’t technically a wedding app but it is an AMAZING fashion app. You can choose the designer, the season and the year. There are different categories and Bridal is one of them. There is some beautiful high couture wedding gowns by designers like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Priscilla of Boston and more! SO GOOD, you should totally download it :)

2. Rosa Clarà

If you haven’t heard about or seen Rosa Clarà’s Wedding gowns, then you have SERIOUSLY missed out! They are drop dead gorgeous! What I love the most about this App is that you can see all the different angles of the dress, which is surprisingly something not many other Apps have.

3. BRIDES 2.0

This App is pretty sweet. You can look through hundreds of gowns and Bridesmaids dresses, in every imaginable style. When you see one your like (or most likely 10), you can favourite them and there is a map that will show you where the dress is sold. This saves you so many phone calls to Bridal Salons! It even has a jewelry gallery and honeymoon destinations.


5th Grade.

This video gave me chills on top of my chills! The voice over of the father giving his speech, I could not handle it! And she was wearing a Vera Wang gown! I loved how she added a sweetheart neckline to it! So gorgeous!

It Can Only Get Better…

First day of work yesterday at David’s Bridal.

NOTE TO SELF: Never wear heals to work where your job consists of walking around the whole store carrying dresses that weight the same as a large child.

Other then the pain in my feet, my day was pretty good. First days are always no good no matter where it is. I am only hoping it will get better from here.

But I saw SO MANY BEAUTIFUL GOWNS!!!! Most of which were by designers Vera Wang and my favourite Oleg Cassini :) Most of Vera Wang’s dresses from the White Collection were Ball Gowns with big shirts and lots of flower designs. Something that I do think is very pretty but just not something I want to wear on my Big Day. What I like about Oleg Cassini’s gowns is that most of them are covered with LACE! I just love lace :) AND THIS GOWN! I would definitely get it in Ivory. Only because I just don’t like the intense hue of white most dresses come in.

FYI for ladies who LOVE this dress as much as I do, the Style # is CRL277 :) Just trying to be helpful !!!