Practical or Edible

When brainstorming for guest favour ideas either go in one of these two directions; practical or edible. You don’t want to give your guests something that they will never use or probably throw outa few weeks after the festivities.

Giving them something edible is perfect because they eat it and then its gone! No need to think about where they will put it, cause there is only one place to put it, and that is in their mouths!

I was at a friend’s wedding this past weekend and their favours were cookie mixes in mason jars! They added some nice fabric and ribbon that went with the colour scheme of the wedding. They were executed so well and looked so nice all lined up on the table at the entrance of the reception hall. This favour is both practical and edible, as well as delicious! Practical, because you can always use a mason jar for something! You can store baking ingredients in there or re-gift it and put your own cookie mix in. Edible because, well, they are cookies! I love to bake so this was right up my alley and they turned out great!



Thank You and Goodnight!

I was asked to do a post about wedding favours and i was totally stumped as to what I was going to say! I didn’t have many ideas, until I research and found a TON of great ideas! Now I am an expert!

Many couples will put some sort of mint into a nice little bag, BORING! To add some excitement to this kind of wedding favour, get a personalized container! There are a lot of websites where you can create your own labels to put on containers. Just pick the colour, an icon and write your names and a Thank You! After your guests eat what ever goodies you put in their, they can re-use the container!

If you and your significant other are the type who rather give to others then receive and don’t want to waste money on a favour that your guests will probably just throw out, why not make a donation in their name to your favourite charity! Most charitable organizations have some sort of program in place for Wedding favours. If not, just print our a little card saying “Thank You” and which organization you have given a donation to. This way you know the money is going to good use and your guests with think you are such great people!

Is really like this idea! Give your guests a mix CD! Put on “Your Song” and other songs that have been your favourites for years! Think about songs that will be played at your wedding and ones that reflect your beautiful love story! Stick on a personalized label or stick it in a personalized case.