Can I get your Number?

Anyone can label or number the tables with a number, but a modern Bride and Groom, come up with an interesting way to number their tables. This couple had a Triathlon themed wedding and so they numbered the tables with the numbers that triathlon
participators would wear on the day of the run. SO Smart!


Cause this is THRILLER!

Check out this tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at a Wedding Reception! I love choreographed dances! Especially when they are unexpected and to MJ !

If you and your Wedding party are dancing machines, why not have a group dance number? Pick your favourite song and make a dance to it! Even better if the song has an iconic dance move or a dance number in the famous music video. You could even make it your first dance. Try starting off with a nice slow song and then have some record scratching play before the song you are going to dance to. Then have your wedding party come in. Your guests won’t know what hit them!

Priority number one to pulling this off, HAVE FUN! (Number two would be to make sure you have the moves down!)